Our history

The history of Veblén has origins far away in time, a design culture that was born in Italy, whose roots,  connected to elegance, taste for beauty and craftsmanship, have influenced the taste for furniture, establishing new rules and becoming part of the idealistic international jet-set.

With crystal, one of the most ancient materials in human history which has always been synonym of wealth and style for the owner, starting from the aristocratic Egyptian families portrayed in hieroglyphs with their glass trinkets, FIAM Italia has conquered the most famous homes of the world, becoming fertile ground for the ideas of the most prestigious designers and brands recognized by a particularly attentive and refined audience.

Veblén has its starting point in the history written by the Livi family on glass and crystal, in the know-how gained on the exclusivity of shapes, and is now an interpreter of the desire of those who want to enrich their lives with precious furnishings that convey elegance with greater emphasis.

Veblén is established in the prestigious setting of Villa Miralfiore, a fifteenth-century residence, restored to its former glory by the Livi family, where - among stuccos, frescos and decorations - the charm of Veblén comes to life.

It is from this place, full of culture, art and good living, that the symbol and name of Veblén originate: the ermine, an animal that symbolizes aristocratic purity and regality, was discovered during the restoration of the Villa; the name was inspired by the mysterious legends that surround it.

Veblén: those who choose its products, receive fragments of timeless traditions and knowledge.

Timeless history

Villa Miralfiore, our showroom

More than any other thing, Villa Miralfiore, situated in the centre of Pesaro inside the park which bears the same name, represents the idea Veblén has of the Arts, and of the timeless and open approach to them which has always been fundamental to Veblén’s Founder.

A true work of art with its frescoed halls and rooms, the villa has now been restored to its former glory.

It is now partly used as an exhibition space, thus offering the possibility of appreciating how our distinctive modern design elements, blend with a context which is only apparently in contrast.


It’s from the magic combination between creativity, innovation and quality that comes out a distinctive character of Fiam’s luxury edition: Veblén..

Our know-how, improved after more than 40 years of experience, is expressed through our capability of proposing custom-made solutions. That’s how creativity and savoir-faire are in order combined to reach the maximum flexibility to be able to satisfy any kind of requirement.

Each of our creations means exclusivity and personalization.

Every product is made with an extreme attention to details and is Made in Italy certified to become an “unique piece”.


Quality assurance

Fiam is certified UNI EN ISO 9001

The conformity to this reference norm allows Fiam to reach the highest quality standards. One of the direct evidences is the possibility to keep track of the products: a high temperature and therefore indelible decal is applied to every article, in addition to the company logo, this decal also bears a number of codes that allow the production cycle details of the article to be traced.

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